Growing the next generation of solution providing businesses with exceptional founders.

Planteer exists to create solution providing companies while empowering exceptional founders and intrapreneurs.

We aim to create opportunities for founders and intrapreneurs, establish opportunities for synergies among portfolio companies.

At Planteer we believe in giving businesses everything they need to grow.

We Jump on board at the earliest stage of the business, so think of us as your Co-founders growing the company alongside you. 

Our Services

Just like plants need a solid foundation and resources to grow, businesses
also need external support and dedicated hands to achieve their goals. 

Business Development



Business Consulting

Product Development

Brand Strategy and Design

Fundraising Strategy

Talent Management

We aim to build Successful People
and Businesses through Collaboration

The ideas and the people joining along the way are very important to us.

Want to play a part in planting the next generation of businesses?