We identify business ideas and build dedicated teams to bring these ideas to life

We are a Hybrid Venture Builder, this means we work on internally generated ideas and external ideas from prospective founders.

We want our founders to be focused on their solution providing ideas, so Planteer is focused on pulling together all the resources required to lay the foundation. 

Our approach


Generating ideas or working with founders to bring their ideas to life, that we believe will help improve society.


Everything must be tested and proven to be feasible.


The fun part, we pull things and people together to take it from an idea to a product/service.


A formal introduction of all the hard work to the customers


Like the popular term “To the moon” we bring in more personnel and investors to take this company to as many customers that need it as possible.

Our Services

Just like plants need a solid foundation and resources to grow, businesses
also need external support and dedicated hands to achieve their goals. 

Business Development



Business Consulting

Product Development

Brand Strategy and Design

Fundraising Strategy

Talent Management


Want to play a part in planting the next generation of businesses?

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Do you have a Business Idea you would like to bring to life?